Can Cold Weather Cause My Garage Maintenance Issues?

When the weather gets bitter, it’s not only humans who suffer. Machinery that is more exposed to the elements can experience a wide array of troubles, particularly garage doors and garage door openers.

Winter is the season when owners face problems most frequently. Alignment issues involving the rollers and their tracks and other metal components of the door are most prominent.

Cold weather causes metal to contract, causing pieces that once fit and functioned perfectly to fall out of place. Electrical components are also affected by the cold; wiring and sensors can also crack or operate improperly due to contraction.


What Can I Do?

While alignment and lubrication problems can be easily fixed DIY style, those dealing with electrical parts of the machine should be addressed by a professional. On the other side of the spectrum, heat causes parts to swell or expand, causing the same sorts of problems with components. Identifying the cause of problems is imperative in getting the resources you need to fix them.

Maintenance is incredibly important before and during the cold months. Before the temperature drops, go over the machine yourself, or call your trusted service technician to troubleshoot problems. Chain-drive garage door openers are known to become especially noisy during this time; they are even known to stop functioning completely.
Make sure the moving parts of your machine are well lubricated (this includes hinges); the cold causes already present lubricant to thicken and become sticky. This should work to return the door to working order so it may open and close. If the door is still shrieking, then it is probably an alignment issue that may be seasonally permanent. The best thing that can be done in such cases is waiting for the seasons to change, the racket will subside.

When fall comes around, it is time to prepare your garage door and garage door opener for the rough ride that lies ahead. This will save you money and time in the long run.
Weather stripping can be cleaned with gentle soap to remove debris or obstructive objects that can aggravate cold weather problems. If there is no weather stripping, it is advised that an investment be made.

At this point you should be giving your garage door opener a checkup every month. This is done by pulling the opener’s release rope to disengage it from the door and manually opening and closing your door to monitor the balance. Then reattach the opener and test to see if it opens and closes completely this way.
If you are unsure as to whether it is balanced or not, you should contact a reliable service technician. As always, you should maintain your moving parts; do this twice as often as you would as it gets colder.

By winter’s end, if all the proper maintenance is applied, you should have experience very few faults and frustrations. Schedule a professional check up with your trusted garage door technician before and/or after the cold season to ensure that your system is working efficiently- and continue to do so. Being informed and aware is the best way to save money, time and stress when it comes to you garage door and garage door opener.


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