The garage door opener is a very essential part of a garage door system; it is, after all, the part that actually opens the door. Because it is so essential, owners should be aware of their issues and limitations.


Owners of very old homes with garages may be at a disadvantage when pitted against newer models in terms of safety. Garage door openers made before 1993 lack a safety feature known as a reversing mechanism. A reversing mechanism consists of a pair of sensors located six inches or so above floor level. If anything passes through that threshold while the garage door is closing, then the reversing mechanism signals the garage door opener to open the door instead.

Another fact that many may be unaware of is that garage door openers are operated through special codes. Older models work on a fixed-code system, meaning there is only one code- ever. Burglars can use a remote controlling device that tries various codes until it gets the right one. Once this happens they have nothing to stop them from using it to enter your garage, multiple times most likely! Newer garage door openers work on a rolling-code system that changes the code each time the door is opened.


Clearly there are very prominent changes that have been made during the latest developments of garage door openers. One of the most well-known burdens of an outdated garage door opener is noise. Older garage door openers operate on a set of chains; these are called chain-drive openers. No one is spared from the machine’s signature symphony of shrill squeak, squeals, and mind-numbing humming.
Newer models can function on what is called a screw-drive or a belt-drive. A screw-drive works on a threaded rod that turns to lift the door. They are cheaper, more compact, and much quieter than a chain drive. Garage doors that are even quieter than screw-drives are called belt-drives. They function in essentially the same way as chain-drives, except they use a rubber belt instead of a chain. Belt-drives tend to be the most expensive of the three.

While they may be quieter, screw-drive garage door openers do work a bit slower than the others. However, this is easily offset by their ability to reduce energy costs, since they are more simple machines. Without a large number of moving parts, such as gears, pulleys and chains, these models are very easy to maintain (oil usually being their primary necessity).
The power efficiency of these devices is not limited by your home’s electrical connection. When it comes to a power outage, or emergency situation that causes your home to lose power, garage door openers are now equipped with backup battery systems that activate when there is no power. Older garage door openers are inconvenienced. You cannot open or close them under these circumstances, when getting to your car and on the road may be important.

So whether it is a matter or security, personal safety, financial needs, or even just relief of the stresses an outdated system can bring, updating to a newer garage door system is a good investment.


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